Being Well Podcast: Understanding Shame

Being Well Podcast: Understanding Shame

During our series on “Who Am I” we’ve looked at the dark side of some of the positive strengths we sought to develop over the last year.

Shame is one of the most common, damaging experiences all of us face in our lives, and learning to deal with and heal shame injuries over time is a key part of becoming as healthy and happy as possible. During this episode we explore:

  • Where shame comes from, and if there’s natural variation in how people experience shame.
  • Sociopathy and related tendencies, and how they represent outliers from the common shame experience.
  • How we can become more susceptible to shame over time, and the role our childhood plays in laying a foundation of shame injuries.
  • The complex layering of our emotional states that can make shame hard to identify.
  • How we can work with, and ultimately reduce, shame over time.

I hope you enjoy this episode, I think it’s one of the really important ones.

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1:30: Defining shame.

4:10: Is there natural variation in how strongly people feel shame?

9:00: Sociopathy

10:00: Shame injuries and shaming experiences during childhood.

13:30: Developing susceptibility to shame.

18:20: Abuse and shame.

24:30: The complex layering of our emotions.

27:00: Working with and reducing shame.

34:00: Recap

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