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Grow the 12 inner strengths for lasting resilience, calm, and confidence with Dr. Rick Hanson’s flagship course. Spend 1 hour each week on your guided path of well-being with a new video talk, guided practice, and self-assessment quiz. Lifetime access to all of the materials, plus guest-expert interviews, creative activities, weekly reminders, bonus topics, and more.

Just One Minute
57 Bite-Sized Practices
$79  $49

What if, in under 2 minutes a day, you could hardwire contentment, self-worth, and peace of mind into your brain? This program gives 57 brief practices – each focusing on just one thing – that will gradually change your brain for the better so you can handle the stresses and challenges of everyday life with greater ease, inner strength, and confidence.

Anxiety, fear, and worry are normal reactions, but they don’t have to be your constant companions. Let go of anxiety and grow a greater sense of calm, strength, and being protected and supported by other people with these 5 powerful practices from Dr. Rick Hanson.

Set aside 1 hour a month to fill yourself up with the good stuff – like calm, confidence, motivation, and gratitude. Join Rick Hanson, Ph.D. for a monthly live meditation session, plus get 2 monthly meditation downloads, a checklist, inspirational quotes, and weekly encouragement emails.

Explore and develop seven ways of being that are both hallmarks of the highest forms of human development and at the core of who you already are. Through these seven powerful practices, you’ll feel increasingly centered in your fundamental goodness, enoughness, and wakefulness.

Positive Neuroplasticity Training
6-Part Online Program

Learn the essentials of taking charge of the structure-building process of your own brain with the Positive Neuroplasticity Training. This 6-part course teaches how to activate positive experiences, prolong and enrich them, and then heighten their absorption into emotional memory – so you can manage stress, deal with life’s challenges, and have more to offer others.

Apply the powerful methods of Positive Neuroplasticity to clinical, educational, human resources, and personal growth settings. This 12-part course will teach you how to activate positive experiences and heighten their absorption into emotional memory. Teach yourself and those you’re working with how to manage stress, deal with life’s challenges, and have more to offer others.

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