Being Well Podcast

with Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson

  • Today we're exploring how to balance constructive and harmful self-criticism, move away from our "act," embrace change, manage feelings of worthlessness, and ultimately be a good friend to ourselves.

  • Caroline Welch joins the podcast to help us explore the role of mindfulness in our everyday lives, and how presence can be a particularly valuable tool for women.

  • On today’s episode we explore how we can cope with the natural fears that arise during challenging times, the difference between useful and harmful anxiety, and how to grow the inner strengths we need to thrive when things get tough.

  • Dr. Peter Levine, a legendary expert on the subject of healing trauma, joins Forrest and I to discuss the power trauma holds over the body, how we can truly connect with others, and simple practices for calming fear and unwinding from trauma.

  • Dr. Bruce Perry joins Forrest and me to discuss the incredible impact of childhood experiences, the fuzzy distinction between trauma and stress, and what we can do to heal from those experiences.

  • Today Forrest and I explore how we can better resource ourselves to face the challenging, and even traumatic, experiences that lie in our past.

Dr. Rick Hanson has taught thousands of people how to Be Well over the last 30 years, and now he’s sharing some of his best tips and practices in the Being Well podcast. The NY Times bestselling author will teach you how to increase your everyday happiness, build inner strengths, and get the most out of life.

Join Rick and his son and co-host, Forrest Hanson, every week for lively and thought-provoking conversation and practical tips and tools for Being Well.


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