Being Well Podcast: Facing Your Dreaded Experience

Being Well Podcast: Facing Your Dreaded Experience

We all have things in life that scare us. Some of us are scared of spiders, or earthquakes, or the dark – as Forrest was as a child. Most of these things we can push back against, or do our best to avoid. We can squish a spider – though I’m generally an advocate for trying to rescue them when possible – or we can turn on a night light.

Then there are other, more personal fears. Maybe a fear of vulnerable, open connection to another person. A fear that we aren’t worthy. A fear of putting ourselves out there, asking for what we really want, being seen by other people. Of shame, or anger, or even having things be still and calm inside ourselves.

Some fears can become so core to who we are, that we start to organize our lives around not having to experience them. These are our “dreaded experiences,” and they exert a quiet power over how we live our lives.

In today’s not-to-be-missed episode, Forrest and I explore those dreaded experiences. What are they, where do they come from, and what can we do to work with them or free ourselves from them?

I hope you enjoy it!

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Key Topics:

2:40: What is a “dreaded experience?”

6:40: The three step process of a dreaded experience

9:10: The critical distinction between “event” and “experience”

12:20: Forrest’s dreaded experiences

16:30: Normal avoidance vs. making yourself small

18:15: Where do dreaded experiences come from?

24:10: Starting to risk the dreaded experience

29:00: Ways to start safely facing fears

38:00: Identifying your dreaded experience

41:20: Being seen as your whole self

46:30: Our journey of growth

49:30: Recap

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