Being Well Podcast: Compassion Fatigue and Finding Purpose

Being Well Podcast: Compassion Fatigue and Finding Purpose

So many people have stepped up into helping roles over the last few months – from front-line medical providers to people supporting an at-risk family member, or those who check groceries, drive buses, and deliver the mail. 

Today we’re exploring both the direct stress and trauma that people in those roles might naturally be feeling these days, as well as compassion fatigue, sometimes known as “secondary traumatic stress.”

Key Topics:

3:00: The anxiety, outrage, and overwhelm of this moment.

7:00: Finding refuge. 

12:00: Refuge and purpose in the collective experience. 

15:00: Surrendering to the moment as it is.

17:00: Opening to the experience and letting it go. 

22:00: Giving yourself permission to feel. 

26:00: “Want to” and “have to.”

28:00: A message of gratitude. 

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