Being Well Podcast: Mindful Practice in the Real World with Stephen Snyder

Being Well Podcast: Mindful Practice in the Real World with Stephen Snyder

How can we bring useful qualities of contemplative practice into our normal, everyday lives as people living in the real world? Meditation teacher and author Stephen Snyder joins us to explore that overarching question, alongside a variety of topics related to “not-self,” the true nature of the self, and self-transcendence.

About our Guest: Stephen is a senior meditation teach who has been practicing meditation since 1976. He’s the author of three books, including Buddha’s Heart. Stephen is also a lawyer by trade, and has practiced law on behalf of a number of Zen masters and Buddhist organizations. 

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Key Topics:

2:35: Stephen’s background in Buddhism

6:30: A brief background in types of Buddhist practice

10:30: Bringing practice into our work life

14:00: Why do contemplative teachers behave badly? 

17:50: Personality and the self

20:00: “Not-self” and the end of suffering

23:20: Why would we want to “transcend” the self?

26:10: Maintaining practice during a normal life

29:45: Do we have a “self,” and the fear of emptiness

33:30: Suffering attached to the self

35:30: What do we get out of practice?

39:30: The purpose and limitations of meditation

41:45: The threat of change

44:10: The “brahmavihārās,” and Buddha’s Heart

47:00: Practices for self-development

52:30: What’s ‘in’ a self-transcendent experience?

56:30: Ways to experience self-transcendence

1:02:10: Recap

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