Being Well Podcast: Accepting Our Needs

Being Well Podcast: Accepting Our Needs

Everyone has needs, there’s no avoiding them. In order to “be well” we need to meet those needs. But being “needy” is often viewed as a weakness, and it can be painful to accept that we have needs.

On today’s episode, Forrest and I explore how we can accept our needs, identify the needs that are most important to us, and build the resources to meet our needs and the needs of other people.

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Key Topics:

2:30: The three core needs.

5:00: What it feels like when you don’t meet your needs.

8:45: The pain of not meeting needs for connection.

13:30: Rick’s story of coming to terms with being “needy.”

20:00: Admitting our needs.

27:00: Identifying our primary needs.

31:00: Forrest and Rick process an interaction.

37:45: Trying on different ways of being.

39:45: Key suggestions for identifying needs.

44:45: Resilience through meeting needs.

46:30: Meeting the needs of other people.

54:30: Healthy boundaries.

1:04:00: Recap

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