Being Well Podcast: What Did We Learn From 2020?

Being Well Podcast: What Did We Learn From 2020?

It’s been a long, strange, challenging year. As we get toward the end of it, and look forward to 2021, it feels appropriate to start by taking a look back and seeing what, if anything, we can learn from the year that’s gone by. 

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Key Topics:

2:30: The importance of internal resources.

4:15: “It can happen to us too.”

6:00: Putting more effort into what’s local.

8:30: Interdependence and interconnection. 

12:30: Appreciating the pains that aren’t happening.

17:30: Seeing clearly and allowing yourself to take appropriate action.

22:30: Your compassion is not dependent.

25:45: Avoiding playing into grievance theater.

30:40: Non-Attachment.

33:00: Focusing on what really matters, and being fed up.

38:45: Lessons from our listeners.

43:30: What’s still here?

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