Being Well Podcast: The Dark Side of Self-Help: Forced Positivity

Being Well Podcast: The Dark Side of Self-Help: Forced Positivity

Do self-help environments force us into inauthentic happiness? And how can we move away from the false front, and into more authentic expression? This is the first of a series of episodes dedicated to some of the self-help community’s pitfalls. 

This is a self-help podcast. And there’s a lot to like about self-help! But it has it’s issues as well. Today we’re exploring one of them: toxic positivity and forced happiness.

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Key Topics:

3:00: Rick’s personal experience inside the personal development world. 

8:00: Things that tend to limit abuses of power. 

10:00: The democratization of self-help, and related pitfalls. 

18:00: Act, scared self, and true being. 

21:00: Where does toxic positivity appear?

26:00: The importance of authenticity.

29:30: The false front. 

32:30: Encouraging other people to be fully authentic. 

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