Being Well Podcast: Staying Sane During Hard Times

Being Well Podcast: Staying Sane During Hard Times

It’s one thing to use some of the tools that we talk about on this podcast when things feel stable and are going “good enough.” It’s another to apply them when the world feels threatening. Today Forrest and I discuss ‘equanimity,’ which is what allows us to maintain our composure, presence of mind, and perhaps even wellbeing under challenging circumstances.


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Key Topics:

1:30: How do we define equanimity?
4:00: Psychological experience of equanimity.
4:30: Hedonic tone.
8:00: Brain science behind equanimity.
11:30: Liking and wanting.
14:30: Equanimity in secular Buddhism.
15:30: Equanimity, privilege, and gaslighting.
22:00: Dealing with unfairness.
26:30: Responding to painful experiences in the moment.
30:30: The ‘four foundations’ of equanimity.
35:30: Manage aversion.
37:30: Grow the good.
39:15: Find what endures.

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