Being Well Podcast: Injustice and Anger

Being Well Podcast: Injustice and Anger

On today’s episode of Being Well, Dr. Hanson and Forrest talk about managing one of our most difficult emotions: anger. This includes:

  • The physical and interpersonal costs of anger
  • Distinguishing between skillful and unskillful anger
  • Using anger as a tool to find deeper issues.
  • Relating to anger around issues of social justice.


1:15: The physical costs of anger.

3:40: The interpersonal costs of anger.

5:15: How can we remove the costs of anger without turning into a doormat?

11:00: Finding the line between skillful and unskillful anger.

18:00: Using anger to find our deeper wants and needs.

19:45: What tends to lie under anger?

24:45: Tribal anger and social justice

29:50: The importance of saying “I’m sorry.”

31:50: Tribal leaders and the value of mobilizing anger.

33:55: Outraged vs. enraged

35:45: Recap


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