Being Well Podcast: Coping with Quarantine

Being Well Podcast: Coping with Quarantine

Over the last month many people have been stuck at home – occasionally with people they’d rather not be around. Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a struggle under the best of times, let alone during times of stress. 

In this episode we explore how individuals and families can deal with the interpersonal stress that comes from being stuck together, and the sadness and loss that comes from being separated from things we love.

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Key Topics:

3:00: The costs of sustained stress

4:40: Unique pressures placed on relationships during this time. 

8:00: Specific tools for maintaining a healthy relationship

15:00: How we’ve been supported by our circumstances until now.

17:15: Redefining ourselves during this time.

24:00: Seeing your own good purposes. 

26:00: Experiencing common humanity.

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