Being Well Podcast: Confidence or Narcissism?

Being Well Podcast: Confidence or Narcissism?

On this episode we continue our series on “Who Am I” by looking at the two sides of narcissism.

Having and taking in positive experiences is a key part of building useful inner strengths, and developing a strong sense of self almost always includes some sense that you’re basically a good, capable person with desirable traits. How can we do those things without developing narcissistic traits or falling prey to narcissistic tendencies? Put another, maybe slightly more casual way, where’s the line between “not enough narcissism” and “too much”?

Today we cover:

  • Where narcissistic tendencies come from.
  • The difference between “10% narcissism” and true narcissistic personality disorder.
  • What distinguishes narcissism from confidence.
  • How we can take in healthy narcissistic supplies without becoming narcissistic ourselves.


01:22: How would you, as a clinician, describe the spectrum of narcissism?

04:03: What’s narcissism at the 1%, 5% or even 10% mark?

07:36: How is narcissism distinct from just being confident?

12:47: Where does narcissism come from?

27:48: How can we take in healthy narcissistic supplies without becoming narcissists?

31:32: Should people with 10% narcissism still take in narcissistic supplies?

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