Being Well Podcast: A Way to Manage Chronic Pain

Being Well Podcast: A Way to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a specter that influences the lives of millions of people. There are many methodologies for managing chronic pain, and today Forrest and I had the opportunity to speak with Vidyamala Burch, co-founder of Breathworks, which offers mindfulness-based approaches to living well with chronic pain, illness or stress. 

The organization grew out of Vidyamala’s own experience with chronic pain as a partial paraplegic, and adapts principles from Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.

Click here if you’d like to give to the Breathworks Foundation, the charitable wing of Breathworks.

Today we explore:

  • Vidyamala’s personal story, and how mindfulness became a key tool in her healing journey. 
  • The specific techniques used by Breathworks which differ from more traditional mindful approaches. 
  • How we can frame our pain psychologically in order to limit its influence in our lives. 

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Connect with the show:


00:58: Vidyamala’s story.

04:55: The story behind Breathworks’ approach.

12:08: Basic techniques and practices Breathworks teaches.

15:51: Why doesn’t mindfulness make pain worse? Why would I want to be mindful of my pain?

19:20: The power of fully coming into an experience of self.

26:58: General advice for managing chronic pain.

32:45: How to keep going through the bad days.

38:20: Recap

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