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In the first half of a two-part interview based on my program Self-Directed Brain Change, Tami Simon and I speak about the ways we can “install” positive brain states as lasting traits; how we can respond in situations when we feel our basic needs are threatened; and...

A friend of mine suddenly lost her relationship after more than a decade of happiness with her partner. He was the love of her life. After he left, she felt empty and despairing. She talked with her friends, exercised, meditated, and saw a therapist, all...

This is the third talk in the series on “Hardwiring Happiness”, based on my new book. To listen to the other talks in the series, go here. This talk was given at the San Rafael Meditation gathering on September 25, 2013....

Session Highlights: • Dr. Rick Hanson shifts from his role as host to summarize the key themes of the guests in the series • Highlighting past participants’ practical methods • Taking viewers through two powerful practices for bringing both strength and heart into important relationships...

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