Being Well Podcast: When Others are Undependable

Being Well Podcast: When Others are Undependable

Today we have a special episode for you concluding the strength of Intimacy. This episode is taken from my online Foundations of Well-Being program, and focuses on a key component of Intimacy that we alluded to during our previous episode on Unilateral Virtue: dealing with undependability in our relationships.

We have a natural desire to trust a reliable world – but life happens, and no person or organization is perfectly dependable. So, we often under- or over-react to undependability, harming ourselves and others.

During this talk, I focus on how we can face undependability squarely, and cultivate the inner resources that help us cope with it.


2:00: Our expectations of dependability.

5:00: The undependability of experience.

7:30: The inevitability of disappointment.

12:30: Centering amidst disappointment.

17:00: Seeing what IS dependable.

20:40: Recap.

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