Being Well Podcast: Start New: Mid-Year Resolutions

Being Well Podcast: Start New: Mid-Year Resolutions

We’re halfway through a very strange year, and it’s a good time to take stock, check in with ourselves, and establish some new commitments – even if they’re as simple as being kind to ourselves. 

One way we can reclaim our experience of agency is by finding where we do still have influence over our outcomes. And that’s what we’ll be exploring today: how to start anew under the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

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Key Topics:

3:45: Hope and disappointment. 

7:30: Reckoning, repentance, and renewal. 

11:00: Controlling what you can. 

14:00: Coping with self-criticism and shame. 

18:30: How to approach the future. 

20:45: Building key habits. 

24:00: Changing our identity in order to change our behavior. 

26:30: Forrest’s changing identity – moving into empathy. 

29:30: Using key phrases. 

31:00: Rick’s changing identity – feeling like a good person.

34:00: Realistic optimism. 

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