Being Well Podcast: Repairing Relationships

Being Well Podcast: Repairing Relationships

When riding a bike, we naturally tip one way or another and need to keep making corrections to continue down the road. It’s the same with our relationships.

At even the best of times, they require a natural process of correction – let’s call it repair – to clear up little misunderstandings and ease points of friction. More seriously, you may need to work through conflicts, reestablish trust, or change aspects of a relationship.

That’s the focus of this episode of the Being Well Podcast: working through the bumps and repairing our relationships effectively.


1:15: What are the common things that require repair?
3:25: The problem of resisting repair.
9:00: Checking our attributions and understandings.
15:30: Negotiating relevant values.
17:40: Know that your needs matter.
20:50: Expressing your needs clearly.
22:15: Scaling your relationships.
23:40: Repair as an expression of caring.
25:45: Leading with the good.
27:00: Recap


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