Being Well Podcast: Personalize Your Nutrition with Dr. Tim Spector

Being Well Podcast: Personalize Your Nutrition with Dr. Tim Spector

We generally focus on topics related to mental health, but there’s nothing like a pandemic to throw the importance of our physical health into sharp relief! Today Forrest is joined by Dr. Tim Spector to explore the importance of personalizing your nutrition, how our diet can help fight COVID, and why most everything we’ve been told about food is wrong.

About Our Guest: Dr. Tim Spector is professor of genetic epidemiology and Director of the TwinsUK Registry at Kings College, London. He’s also one of the leaders of the COVID Symptom Study, and one of the founders of the health science company Zoe . He’s the author of The Diet Myth, and his most recent book is  Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told about Food is Wrong.

Key Topics:

2:05: What is the microbiome?

4:10: How diet interacts with your unique microbiome

6:45: The PREDICT 1 study, and the limited impact of genetics

9:30: Why personalized nutrition is so important

12:00: The meaningless nature of calorie counts

17:00: Running experiments with your nutrition.

22:30: Microbes and mood

24:40: Intermittent fasting

30:15: The role of processed food

35:15: The microbiome and COVID

41:00: Polyphenols

43:00: Vitamins and COVID

48:50: Recap

If you’re interested in any of Zoe’s offerings, Tim offered the discount code BEINGWELL35 for our listeners.


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