Being Well Podcast: Making Your Offering

Being Well Podcast: Making Your Offering

Think about what you give, large and small, at home, on the job, to friends, to strangers, and to the wider world. We all offer so much each day, even if we don’t realize it in the moment.

When you look at the things you do as offerings, they feel simpler, lighter, and more heartfelt. Even routine, seemingly trivial tasks take on new meaning and value.

That’s the focus of today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast: making your offering. We’ll explore:

  • How thinking in terms of “offering” supports aspiration.
  • The blocks to aspiration and how we can overcome them.
  • Why framing what you do as an offering can support your relationships with others.
  • How we can find fertile ground for our offerings.
  • Being wise about persistence.



0:25: What does it mean to make your offering?

4:05: How does making your offering support aspiration generally?

5:45: Two blocks to aspiration.

8:45: How making your offering simplifies relationships.

10:10: Finding fertile ground.

13:45: Being wise around persistence.

16:30: How can we find more fertile ground?

23:10: Whole effort, whole heart.

27:15: Recap

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