Being Well Podcast: Key Skills for Great Relationships

Being Well Podcast: Key Skills for Great Relationships

Learn some of the key psychological skills that lead to a truly great relationship – informed by 35 years of couples counseling experience.

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Key Skills:

3:00: Give your full attention. 

6:30: Tune into your body. 

7:20: Cultivate interest. 

11:00: How can we know if we’re actually empathic?

13:00: Your attention is yours

16:00: Accepting some level of discomfort. 

17:45: Getting comfortable with people wanting things from you. 

21:00: Three stories of relating.

22:30: Fulfilling relationship tasks. 

24:30: Changing our relationship to criticism. 

30:30: Chronic giving, and setting firm boundaries. 

37:30: Cultivating a stronger sense of self. 

44:30: Talk about what matters. 

50:50: The desire to be found.


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