Being Well Podcast: Finding the Sweet Spot with Christine Carter

Being Well Podcast: Finding the Sweet Spot with Christine Carter

In part two of our conversation with Dr. Christine Carter, we explore the “Sweet Spot,” that place of effortless effectiveness where we can be both productive and relaxed.

We discussed work/life balance, and Christine’s own battles as a “recovering perfectionist.” We then went on to talk about finding the sweet spot in our relationships with others, particularly in our most important family relationships. This included spending some time with the fundamental question of how we can know it might be time to let a relationship go.

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0:25: What is the “sweet spot?”

3:30: What pulls us out of the sweet spot?

6:10: How can our important relationships pull us out of the sweet spot?

8:00: How can we know when we’ve stuck around in a relationship too long, or, on the other hand, when we’re leaving too quickly?

10:00: What are things we can influence others on? And what things are unchangeable in our relationship?

14:35: How we can stand up for ourselves.

16:40: How fulfilling our duties fits into the sweet spot.

19:30: How we can find the sweet spot.

21:30: What would you say to your younger self?

23:15: Recap

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