Being Well Podcast: Connecting with Others: How to Attune

Being Well Podcast: Connecting with Others: How to Attune

During this time of increased isolation our needs for connection are harder to meet than ever. Today Rick and Forrest are exploring how we can use the psychological technique of “attunement” to connect better with others, and meet our own need for connection.

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Key Topics:

2:15: Moments that satisfy our need for connection

5:45: The “Still Face Experiment”

8:55: Attention, availability, responsiveness

10:35: Which relationships fill you up?

13:50: What is attunement?

18:40: The “emotional risk” of attunement

24:30: Paying attention

31:20: Being open to being changed

33:10: Do I matter to you?

37:30: Availability and co-regulation

41:15: “Our interactions are systems”

42:30: Rick pushes back a bit on co-regulation

44:50: The impact of our nature on how we view interactions

47:45: Becoming responsive

52:40: Communicating wants and needs

57:40: Respecting your own needs

59:15: The impact of social power and privilege on our interactions

1:04:30: Recap

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