Being Well Podcast: Bias and Prejudice with Dr. Jack Glaser

Being Well Podcast: Bias and Prejudice with Dr. Jack Glaser

We’re all subject to forms of bias and prejudice. On this episode, Forrest and Rick are joined by Dr. Jack Glaser to explore intergroup bias and racial prejudice, and what we can do to overcome our innate tendencies. 

About the Guest: Dr. Jack Glaser is a Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He studies intergroup biases and the unconscious operation of stereotypes and prejudice, and is particularly interested in racial profiling. Jack is also the author of Suspect Race: Causes & Consequences of Racial Profiling, and is on the board of the Center for Policing Equity.

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Key Topics:

2:15: Jack’s history, what drew him to the study of bias.

4:50: What is implicit bias?

10:30: What’s the purpose of bias, where does it come from, and what consequences does it create?

18:15: How individual biases scale up to groups and systems.

23:10: The myth of meritocracy.

25:30: Assimilation, accommodation, and bias.

27:25: Errors of attribution.

30:00: The lens we view our world through, and “alternative facts.”

36:00: Can we become less biased?

42:45: Can we deliberately override our biases through effort?

48:45: Fighting bias is an ongoing process.

50:30: Bias under pressure, and what we can do.

1:01:10: “The brain does crazy stuff sometimes.”

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