Being Well Podcast: Aspiration Without Attachment

Being Well Podcast: Aspiration Without Attachment

On this episode of the podcast we explore what it means to “aspire without attachment:” dreaming big dreams and pursuing them with commitment, while also being at peace with whatever happens.

This includes:

  • Why it’s a good thing to not be too attached to your aspirations.
  • The power of having a growth mindset.
  • How setting big goals can free us to achieve.



0:40: What does “aspiring without attachment” mean?

2:45: Why is it a good thing to aspire without attachment?

7:55: Process vs. outcome goals.

10:35: Reframing what “winning” looks like.

15:00: Accepting the reality of negative outcomes.

16:45: “Failure” as part of a process.

18:45: The power of big goals.

20:30: Relaxing the sense of self.

28:15: Being carried by purpose

31:00: Recap

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