Being Well Podcast: Aspiration with Dan Siegel

Being Well Podcast: Aspiration with Dan Siegel

Today we’re beginning a new strength, Aspiration, with a conversation between Dr. Hanson and Dr. Dan Siegel. Dr. Siegel is a several-time bestselling author, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and clinical professor at UCLA.

To live is to lean into the future. We’re always stretching toward one thing or another: the next person, the next task, the next sight or sound, the next breath. Aspiration focuses on meeting your need for satisfaction by reaching for and achieving results that are important to you.

In particular, during this series of episodes we’ll explore how to pursue your aims while being fundamentally peace with whatever happens.

During this episode, Dr. Siegel explains how you can use “mindsight” to tap into the dreams you had as a child, and honor those aspirations as an adult.

This interview is also a part of the Foundations of Well-Being online program.


1:15: Interview begins

4:00: Why has it been important to you, personally, to develop inner strengths?

8:25: How has your life experience contributed to your view of Aspiration?

14:55: How can you use Mindsight to tune back in to your childhood dreams?

21:20: Reclaiming the dreams of your youth.

29:45: What are some of the internal blocks people bump into?

38:30: Supporting the thriving of others.

46:15: How can we support the aspirations of younger people?

56:30: What advice would you give your younger self?

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