Being Well Podcast: Agency

Being Well Podcast: Agency

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson begins a new focus on the fourth of the twelve strengths he’ll be covering throughout this series: Grit. Particularly, this episode explores how to grow agency – an aspect of grit where we feel like a cause rather than an effect.

0:30: What is grit?
0:50: How does physical grit support psychological grit?
4:45: Can we grow grit?
5:45: Why agency is important for growing grit.
6:45: How agency fights against “learned helplessness.”
9:30: How can we “unlearn” learned helplessness?
16:10: What can we do when we ACTUALLY are helpless?
18:00: Being realistic about the amount of power we have over our lives.
19:30: Finding small ways to express agency.
21:00: Focusing on causes rather than effects.
24:55: Recap.

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