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Le Bain Epanouissant pour le Cerveau (A Nurturing Bath for the Brain)

Rick Hanson’s “Pet the Lizard, Feed the Mouse and Hug the Monkey” practices from the Just One Thing newsletter have been put together by Marina Berney into an easy daily routine called the BEC. In this little French booklet, Marina first summarises some of the main ideas and concepts of Buddha’s Brain, along with selected posts of Just One Thing. We are then introduced to the practice, whereby the rewiring of the brain is enhanced by Brain Gym® movements and the holding of Acupressure points. Embodying the practice in this way is extremely effective in helping the “Enrich” and “Absorb” steps of Rick Hanson’s HEAL process.

These practices from Just One Thing have been translated by Carmen Lopez:

This practice from the Just One Thing Newsletter was adapted in French by Clara Berut-Lhopital:

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Marina Mandofia-Berney

Marina Mandofia Berney has a background in Law. She has trained as a barrister and worked part time as a judge, and completed a PhD before specifying as a lecturer and researcher in Medical Law and Ethics at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva University. She emigrated to Australia from Switzerland in 1996 and there, after raising four children full time for a few years, changed her career path.

Marina Berney now works as a psychotherapist and an educational kinesiologist in her private practice Move2balance, both in Sydney and in Geneva. Her original holistic approach combines talk therapy, educational kinesiology, acupressure techniques, tibetan bowl vibrations, and exercises using the potential of the neuroplasticity of the brain, tailored to suit each individual client’s needs. This multi-dimensional method promotes change and transformation at a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

Marina also teaches a self-help energetic healing technique (Q-Touch Healing), a parenting/relating course (Q-Touch conscious parenting, Q-Touch conscious relating) and is one of Rick Hanson’s PNT (Positive Neuroplasticity Training) teachers.

Carmen Lopez

Carmen Lopez holds a Phd. of Arts in French Language and Literature from University of Nice, France where she currently resides. She is the managing director of CEFRO, Ldt., responsible for creating and organizing training courses for the European Union program « Grundtvig » and recently for « Erasmus+ », which combines all EU’s current cultural initiatives in education and training.

Carmen has over 25 years of experience as French teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Philology, French Language and Literature from University of Bucharest, Romania and holds a Diploma of Advanced studies in Education from University of Iasi, Romania.

Her essays on literature, translations, professional works on social psychology and book « Nice, mon amour…? » have been published in both France and Romania. Since 2008, she is creating and conducting CEFRO training sessions validated by the EU National French Agency and published in the database of the European Education Programs. These courses are designed to encourage developing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and have had participants from more than 10 European Countries.


Clara Berut-Lhopital

Clara Berut-Lhopital specializes in English-to-French translations. After a few years studying psychology and law, she decided to focus on medical translation. She now writes a blog where you will be able to discover wonderful people with important messages in a lot of different areas, like entrepreneurship, self-help, education, non-violent communication, positive psychology, sexuality, neuroscience and feminism to name just a few.

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