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Buddha’s Brain and Just One Thing have been translated to German by Arbor Verlag, along with select issues of the Just One Thing newsletter. (A sister organization, Arbor Seminare, offers workshops and trainings with Rick Hanson in German speaking countries annually.)

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Lienhard Valentine

Lienhard Valentine is the founder and director of Arbor Verlag and Arbor Seminare, a Gestalt and mindfulness teacher, founder of the association “Growing with Children,” and editor of the magazine Growing With Children.

For more then 25 years he has been counseling parents and training educators and teachers and is internationally known for his humorous and insightful way of assisting parents to find their own way with their children.

He trained for 30 years in Essential Gestalt with Katharina Martin, and since 1998 organizes MBSR training based on the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness in Germany. Since 2011, in collaboration with other experienced trainers, he has offered the training program “Living Mindfulness – Teaching Mindfulness” where basic elements of MBSR, mindful self-compassion and the work of Rick Hanson are integrated.

He is the author of the books The Art of Mindful Parenting and Going New Ways With Children, and also has a CD program, titled “Mindful Parents – Happy Children”.

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