Being Well Podcast: H.E.A.L. Yourself

Being Well Podcast: H.E.A.L. Yourself

On today’s episode of the Being Well podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson beings his focus on the strength of Learning with a critical question: HOW can we grow the positive traits we want more of inside ourselves? To do this, he explains the HEAL process that allows us to learn from our experiences more effectively.

0:40: Why is learning an inner strength?

2:40: The superpower of superpowers

5:35: What does emotional learning FEEL like?

7:50: An example of learning that sticks

10:05: What’s happening in the brain when we’re learning?

13:05: Using the mind to change the brain.

14:55: The opportunity in every day.

16:55: The stages of the learning process.

19:05: The importance of installation.

20:10: The H.E.A.L. process of learning

23:05: The feeling of enriching and absorbing

23:45: Linking

25:30: Summary

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