Positive Neuroplasticity Training: Groups

For groups of 2 or more people—such as a collection of friends, team at work, book club, staff in a counseling center, yoga class, or members of a company—we offer additional discounts:

  • Group of 2: 15% discount per person
  • Group of 5: 20%  discount per person
  • Group of 10: 25%  discount per person
  • Group of 20: 30%  discount per person

Simply fill out the form, telling us a bit about your group and listing the people who are in it. We’ll email you a special “promo code” that each member of your group should use when registering for the course.

*PLEASE NOTE that it may take a few days for your application to be approved and the promo code to be sent to you. If you have not heard from us within 5 days, please contact us.

If a member of your group already registered for the Positive Neuroplasticity Training within the last 3 months, we can retroactively apply the discount. If they registered for the course more than 3 months ago, they are not eligible for the discount – but they will count toward the number in your group. (For example, if you have a group of 5, but 2 members registered more than 3 months ago, your group can still qualify for the 5-person rate, but only the 3 new participants will receive the discount.)

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