Positive Neuroplasticity
Certificate Course

November 12-15
Attend In-Person or via Live Webcast with Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
We want happiness that lasts,
but stress and worry often push it aside.
That’s the brains ‘negativity bias.’
Learn how to beat that bias, and fill yourself
with calm strength, confidence, and joy.
Join New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. for a LIVE experiential journey into positive brain change. You’ll learn how to:
Feel less stressed, worried, hurt, and resentful
Overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and shame
Grow inner strengths for far-reaching healing and growth
Explain and teach the methods of Positive Neuroplasticity to others
Make the most of beneficial experiences with Dr. Hanson’s HEAL process
Change habits and build motivation for more life satisfaction
In a pilot study on these methods, people reported statistically significant increases in happiness, resilience, and love, and decreases in anxiety and depression – even months later.
Practical tools for positive brain change that you can use the rest of your life
Deep, experiential practices that identify and grow the strengths needed most
A Handbook of Positive Neuroplasticity, the Program Slides, and a Certificate of Completion
Plus, 25 CE Credits are available for counselors, therapists, nurses, physicians, psychologists, social workers and other helping professions.

“This was a truly life-altering, life-affirming training.
I feel peaceful, content, loved, and excited to bring HEAL into my everyday life. I am seeing how when I grow the good in myself, there is so much more available to offer others.”

-Susan A.

“These teachings have touched so many of the dark places inside me. I can now see things much more clearly and without judgement, and can release them.”

-Linda N.

“This training supports me in managing my life, my chronic pain, and all the ups and downs of the whole shi-bang.”

-Holly E.

“Dr. Hanson is an amazing presenter. The mix of academic information and experiential practices was just right.”

-Kristen P.

“I found the training to be among the best I have ever received. I went through – and continue to do so – significant change, overcoming that which has held me back for years.”

-Petrina L.

“The experience, all the terrific material, so beautifully presented, has given me such a tremendous boost in peace, contentment and love! Looking forward to making it a vital part of my life in all areas.”

-Ron R.


November 12-15
in Portland, Oregon


In-Person price: $799.99

Live Webcast Price:
$199.99/Additional Participant CE

“Most good experiences are wasted on the brain.  I’ll teach you how to gain the most from your experiences each day, weaving it into your brain – and your life.”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

“Most good experiences are wasted on the brain. I’ll teach you how to gain the most from your experiences each day, weaving it into your brain – and your life.”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

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