Fav app just got a whole lot better! ★★★★
by MossMusic – Version 1.3 – Sep 8, 2013

This mindful app just got a whole lot better since the addition of audio. As an avid & Grateful student & practitioner of Rick Hansen’s invaluable & transformational books and meditation CDs, I was hoping when I downloaded the first version that I could go directly to a fav practice and HEAR a meditation read to me, for immediate use in stressful moments. Now that the audio has been added, it is so much more powerful. To hear Ricks’ soothing voice and confident intelligence begins to bring me back into mindfulness, and then reminds me how I can best bring myself back into my true self, no matter what stressor had me temporarily hooked. I am confident that this app will continue to improve. What I hope for is an advanced version for those of us who have already learned the science and wisdom from his books and meditation CDs, so that we can quickly find & choose a fav practice at anytime, to hear an audio mediation, without the explanation & reason behind it that we have already studied & internalized. Just give me the meditation that I need to hear NOW. This new version has come closer. This app is much better than drugs or alcohol, and not quite as good as hang gliding, scuba diving or playing Mozart together in a fine string quartet. But when my cellist & violist are not with me, this app is. I am more Grateful than I can say for the brilliance of this work, the great hope of neuroplasticity, and the healing. peace and growth that it has given me.

Great App for learning mindfulness ★★★★★
by Ennea2 – Version 1.3 – Sep 6, 2013

Love Rick Hanson’s work and this app. reinforces his books and CDs. Easy to use and useful tools. Look forward to more updates!

Love the new audio version! ★★★★
by Ampsp – Version 1.3 – Sep 6, 2013

Was very happy to Rick upgraded his app with audio. I like to look at this app whenever I feel the need. I have a lot of respect for Rick and his work his ideas on compassion have completely shifted the way I support myself on a daily basis when dealing with my trauma, emotions etc. I’ve always wanted to thank Rick for this so this is my way of saying thankyou!

Wonderful app! ★★★★★
by Zzzzzz2468 – Version 1.0 – Dec 22, 2011
Clearly written and thoughtfully organized everyday practices that are sure to enhance your life.I was already a subscriber to Rick Hansen’s online newsletter but i really appreciate the easy access to these concepts via this app. Only I wish there was also an audio component because listening to the practices/explanations as i drive, move thru my day or fall asleep would really help “take in” this good.

great work ★★★★★
by Thymian – Version 1.0 – Jan 3, 2012
thank you rick hanson for the app itself and all this helpful practices!

amazing ★★★★★
by Valerie Weber – Version 1.0 – Feb 20, 2013
love the book and was stoked to find all the important info in portable format with this amazing app!

Great! ★★★★★
by Stefan9429 – Version 1.0 – Apr 16, 2012
I love this app it’s very useful! I also have the book. Full of Wisdom!

Excellent resource ★★★★★
by Happycissy – Version 1.0 – Apr 15, 2012
I’m a psychotherapist and recommending this to clients as I use it myself. Well worth the cost

Great companion to books! ★★★★★
by debibeads – Version 1.0 – Feb 13, 2012
This app is a great companion to both “The Buddha’s Brain” and “Just One Thing” books. It’s a terrific and very useful app. Thanks for giving us this tool!

Great pocket full of wisdom ★★★★★
by RickyBobby88 – Version 1.0 – Jan 30, 2012
I love the access to wisdom in my pocket that this app provides. Rick and his work is a gift to all of us.

An app for mindfulness ★★★★★
by wondershot – Version 1.0 – Dec 25, 2011
Just great.

Great App! ★★★★★
by Walter R. Roth – Version 1.0 – Dec 22, 2011
I’ve long been a fan of Rick Hanson and his books, blog, talks, etc. This app helps bring his work into the moments when I need them the most. I’ve referred his book to many people and now I’ll do the same for his app.

Very useful ★★★★★
by Seandfargo – Version 1.0 – Dec 15, 2011
I’ve been waiting for an app like this which blends useful ancient practices with the latest Western research. This app does not disappoint. Thank you!

Praktisch, bruikbaar en effectief. ★★★★★
by Okapio – Version 1.0 – Dec 19, 2011
Het boek Buddha’s Brain is een goede balans van de wijsheid van het Boeddhisme en de feiten van de (neuro)wetenschap. De daarop aansluitende teksten (oefeningen) van Rick Hanson zijn in deze app verwerkt. Praktisch, bruikbaar, meer of minder meditatief, maar altijd bewezen werkzaam. Bovendien geschikt voor beginners én gevorderden. Onderlinge hyperlinks in de teksten laten je makkelijk verder lezen en je favorieten zet je zelf bij elkaar. Kwaliteit zowel van inhoud als van vorm, en daarmee de prijs zeker wel waard. Aanbevolen!

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