Meditation + Talk: 3 Ways to Deal With Hard Times

Meditation + Talk: 3 Ways to Deal With Hard Times

In this meditation, talk and discussion from my Wednesday Night Meditation – the very first VIRTUAL gathering of my San Rafael Meditation group – we start with a 45-minute meditation in Grounding in Openhearted Peacefulness. Then, with many concerned about the current Coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty, stress, and anxiety surrounding it, I share three ways for dealing with hard times.

I hope you find it helpful, and you are welcome to join my free Wednesday Meditations – open to everyone!

Meditation: Grounded in Openhearted Peacefulness

Talk: Three Ways for Dealing with This Hard Time – and Any Hard Time

Practicing Dāna: Cultivating Generosity

These teachings are offered freely, at no charge. And if you like, you may wish to participate in the age-old tradition of generosity through making an offering yourself – called “dāna” – to support Rick and the Wednesday Meditations. Generosity itself is a beautiful practice that opens and gladdens the heart, relaxes the contraction of “self,” and ripples out into the world to touch many people – and perhaps, eventually, even oneself. 

Dāna offering:

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Additionally, many expressions of generosity are not about money. People offer attention, encouragement, and patience many times a day. Sometimes we withhold when it would be so easy, actually, to listen quietly for another minute or to offer a word of appreciation or simply a look that says, “I’m with you.” Try being a little more generous for a day and see what happens.