How Can We Change Our Brains for the Better?

The bottom line, in terms of how we feel – are we happy, are we sad, are we effective, are we lost in stress – how we ARE is fundamentally the result of what’s happening in the three pounds of tofu between your ears.

More Great Videos from Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

In this talk for Google, Rick shares how you can use new breakthroughs in neuroscience, combined with insights from thousands of years of contemplative practice, to shape your own brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom.

In this talk for the Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference, Rick discusses how are brains are wired for compassion and what we can do to make positive change in ourselves and the world.

Rick at the Mindfulness Association, discussing the Garden of the Mind and how we can grow the good in our brain, and our life.

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