Being Well Podcast

with Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson

Trauma and Traumatic Experiences

Today we’re exploring how the traumatic past, including that handed down through the generations, can influence our lives today Read more
Dr. Peter Levine, a legendary expert on the subject of healing trauma, joins Forrest and I to discuss the power Read more
Dr. Bruce Perry joins Forrest and me to discuss the incredible impact of childhood experiences, the fuzzy distinction between trauma Read more
Today Forrest and I explore how we can better resource ourselves to face the challenging, and even traumatic, experiences that Read more
There are some emotions that are so deeply tied to the human experience that it’s impossible to avoid them. One Read more
In the second part of our conversation with Dr. James Gordon, Forrest and I focus on caregiver fatigue, helplessness, and Read more
Most people will experience some form of trauma during their lives. Today Forrest and I explore what we can do Read more


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