Trauma and Traumatic Experiences

  • On today’s episode we’re exploring dissociation in detail, including what it is, the function it serves, the experiences that can lead to dissociation, and what we can do about it.

  • On this incredibly timely episode, Dr. Bruce Perry joins Forrest and me to explore how we can limit the long-term impact of stressful events, and heal from past traumatic experiences.

  • We all have things that frighten us. But some fears can become so core to who we are that we start to organize our lives around not having to experience them. In this not-to-be-missed episode, Forrest and I explore how we can identify and face our "dreaded experiences," which exert a quiet power over our lives.

  • Dr. Stephen Porges joins Forrest and me to explore his Polyvagal Theory, which explains how we can use the systems of the body to completely change our relationship with stress.

  • Is it possible to "do no harm," and should we even try? In today’s episode, Forrest and I explore what it means to do no harm, and the resources that can allow us to do as little as possible.

  • Today we’re exploring how the traumatic past, including that handed down through the generations, can influence our lives today

  • Dr. Peter Levine, a legendary expert on the subject of healing trauma, joins Forrest and I to discuss the power trauma holds over the body, how we can truly connect with others, and simple practices for calming fear and unwinding from trauma.

  • Dr. Bruce Perry joins Forrest and me to discuss the incredible impact of childhood experiences, the fuzzy distinction between trauma and stress, and what we can do to heal from those experiences.


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