• How can we bring useful qualities of contemplative practice into our normal, everyday lives as people living in the real world? In this episode, meditation teacher and author Stephen Snyder joins Forrest and me to explore that overarching question, alongside a variety of topics related to “not-self,” the true nature of the self, and self-transcendence.

  • I was so happy to be joined by Tara Brach on this episode of Being Well. We explored how we can find more compassion and acceptance while maintaining our motivation to change ourselves, and our world, in positive ways.

  • We’re somehow both more efficient than ever before, and, at the same time, busier than ever before. All of the many ways that we’ve found to optimize our performance has led to much more "doing," and not nearly as much "being." Today Forrest and I explore how we can get more in touch with being, and how by focusing more on "being" we might even be able to "do" more than ever before.

  • Chris Bailey talks about how to be more productive and improve your ability to focus on the things you really care about, without it becoming a source of stress.

  • What can death teach us about living well? A pioneer in the field of end-of-life care, Frank Ostaseski, joins Forrest and me to explore the fear of death, anger, true courage, and acceptance in the face of it all.

  • What are the “heights of human potential,” and why should we aim for them when simply surviving the here-and-now already feels so challenging? That’s one of the many topics we explore on this episode.

  • Throughout history people have sought the heights of human potential – to become as wise, strong, happy, and loving as any person can ever be. Science is now revealing how these remarkable ways of being seem to be based on equally remarkable changes in our own nervous system.

  • Clinical psychologist, author, and internationally recognized expert in self-compassion, Dr. Shauna Shapiro discusses how we can grow and include compassion – including for ourselves – alongside mindfulness.

  • On this very special episode, Jack Kornfield, one of the key teachers who introduced Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West, joins Forrest and I to discuss practice, mindful awareness, and how to view reality altogether.

  • What can we do, both as individuals and a collective, to bring mindful traits into the workplace? That’s the question we explore today with our guest, founding CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Marc Lesser.


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