Achieving Your Goals

  • We generally focus on topics related to mental health on the Being Well Podcast, but there's nothing like a pandemic to throw the importance of our physical health into sharp relief. Today Forrest is joined by Dr. Tim Spector to explore the importance of personalizing your nutrition, how our diet can help fight COVID, and why most everything we've been told about food is wrong.

  • We’re somehow both more efficient than ever before, and, at the same time, busier than ever before. All of the many ways that we’ve found to optimize our performance has led to much more "doing," and not nearly as much "being." Today Forrest and I explore how we can get more in touch with being, and how by focusing more on "being" we might even be able to "do" more than ever before.

  • We all have something we want to do "some day," but for most of us "some day" just never seems to come around. On today’s episode of the podcast, Forrest and I explore how to make 2021 the year you finally put all the pieces together, and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

  • What are the most essential lessons we've ever learned? Today Forrest and I explore the first half of our 10 most important practices, skills, techniques, and reflections for the long road of life.

  • Chris Bailey talks about how to be more productive and improve your ability to focus on the things you really care about, without it becoming a source of stress.

  • How can we find happiness even when times are challenging? Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar joins Forrest and me to explore authentic happiness, accepting difficult emotions, and giving yourself permission to be human.

  • What can we do to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of personal growth – lasting change in our hearts, minds, and behaviors? How can we change the brain for good? That’s the focus of this episode: a full primer on the science of ‘positive neuroplasticity,’ including a lot of practical advice on how we can take control of our brain’s growth over time.


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