Being Well Podcast: Why Be Calm?

Being Well Podcast: Why Be Calm?

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson and Forrest begin a new series of episodes exploring the strength of Calm. On this episode, they focus on:

  • Why calm is an underrated inner strength.
  • Understanding the biology behind the experience of calm.
  • Maximizing our range of responses to different situations.
  • How we can activate the parasympathetic wing of the nervous system to fight back against stress.
  • The difference between “state” and “trait” calm.


1:30: Why is calm an important inner strength?

3:20: The dangers of being hijacked by fear.

7:05: The biological basis of calm.

11:05: Modern culture and the sympathetic nervous system.

12:30: Understanding your needs.

15:15: Developing a wide range of response.

17:20: The ease of being driven from the green zone.

19:20: Ways to calm down.

23:00: State calm vs. trait calm.

28:00: The importance of tranquility.
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