Being Well Podcast: How to Start Therapy

Being Well Podcast: How to Start Therapy

Today we’re exploring a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: therapy. Specifically, how to start the process of seeking out a therapist to work with for a given issue. 

I’m personally grateful that going to therapy doesn’t carry the social stigma it once did. It should go without saying that seeking help for an issue that someone believes is impacting their quality of life is nothing other than wise – and often courageous as well. 

Of course, therapy can be profoundly helpful for acute issues – for instance, exploring and maybe even unraveling some of the tendencies a person might have related to our series on pathology. Or, seeking help for an addictive tendency. Or, working through a specific issue in a relationship.

But what I think gets lost sometimes in our general social conversation around therapy is how useful it can be as a general tool for personal explanation and inquiry. There doesn’t have to be something “wrong with you” – using air quotes – to go to therapy, or to get value from the process.

 I hope you find this episode personally useful, and feel free to share it with other people you feel might benefit from it!

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04:08: What does therapy look like in real life?

09:34: Different kinds of licenses and what they do.

13:50: Reasons people might go to therapy.

24:38: The traits of good therapists.

35:51: What are the different kinds of therapy?

43:50: Recap

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