Being Well Podcast: The Highest Happiness

Being Well Podcast: The Highest Happiness

This is the second conversation related to my new book Neurodharma: New Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Seven Practices of the Highest Happiness. Today we’re focusing on the final four practices in the book: wholeness, nowness, allness, and timelessness. 

 Underlying that is a question that feels particularly relevant these days: why aim for the “heights of human potential” when simply surviving the here-and-now already feels so challenging?

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Key Topics:

2:00: Why aim for “the heights of human potential” when the here and now already seems so challenging?

7:30: Wholeness, Nowness, Allness, and Timelessness.

11:00: What is an aspect of awakening?

14:20: The front edge of now.

17:00: The value of timelessness for a “normal person.”

23:00: The elements of consciousness.

26:45: The inherent emptiness of things.

32:50: Avoiding the pitfalls of emptiness.

34:30: The apparent self.

38:00: Our relationship to changing the self. 

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