Being Well Podcast: The Gift of Presence

Being Well Podcast: The Gift of Presence

Caroline Welch joins the podcast to help us explore the role of mindfulness in our everyday lives, and how presence can be a particularly valuable tool for women.

Caroline Welch is the CEO and co-founder of the Mindsight Institute. Mindsight, a term coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, is our human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others. It’s essentially a kind of focused attention that helps us observe the working of our own mind, and helps get us off of the autopilot of ingrained behaviors and habitual responses.

Caroline’s new book, The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women, offers a scientifically inspired approach to a simple question: Is there a way for women to live with more calm amid the chaos? 

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Key Topics:

4:00: Aspects of mindfulness that may be particularly important for women.

10:00: Pivoting, and why mindfulness can be a valuable aid to making good choices. 

15:30: Do men and women experience presence differently? 

18:30: The importance of representation. 

21:45: Stories from the book that particularly stuck with Caroline. 

24:15: Multitasking and being “in the moment.”

27:00: Pace, and the right to slow down.

29:00: Regrets of the dying. 

32:00: A message to your younger self. 

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