Being Well Podcast: Sadness and Disappointment Around the Holidays

Being Well Podcast: Sadness and Disappointment Around the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, and for many people they’re likely to be very different this year from usual. Experiencing sadness or disappointment around the holidays is normal even among the best circumstances, and we’re far from those. On this episode, Forrest and I explore how to work with this year’s natural feelings of sadness and disappointment.

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Key Topics:

4:50: A therapy session focused on sadness with Rick

9:30: Associations between current sad experiences and our past material

11:45: A process for experiencing and working with sadness

17:45: Imagery to aid experiencing

19:00: Helping sadness soften and release

24:30: Non-judgement 

28:40: Identifying underlying beliefs

29:40: Letting in good experiences alongside challenging ones

33:10: Finding the root experience, and communicating our needs

37:00: Sadness vs. depression

41:30: Dealing with disappointment

45:00: Finding agency in a moment of disappointment

48:10: “Strong hopes, weak expectations”

50:20: Recap

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