Being Well Podcast: Recovering from Trauma with Dr. James Gordon

Being Well Podcast: Recovering from Trauma with Dr. James Gordon

Dr. James Gordon: Traumatic Experience Recovery ExpertMost people will have some form of traumatic experience during their lives. Today we explore what we can do to recover from those experiences with a world-class expert on the subject: Dr. James Gordon. 

Dr. Gordon is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, and internationally recognized expert on using self-awareness, self-care, and group support to heal population-wide psychological trauma. He is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

His latest book, The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma, guides us step by step in a comprehensive evidence-based program to reverse the psychological and biological damage that trauma causes –  bringing together the latest scientific research, 50 years of clinical experience, timeless wisdom, and inspiring stories.

If you’d like to support the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, please follow this link to donate.

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03:04: The Transformation

09:21: The physiological impacts of trauma.

14:53: Recovering from traumatic events.

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