Being Well Podcast: Recovering from a Relationship with a Narcissist

Being Well Podcast: Recovering from a Relationship with a Narcissist

Emotionally abusive relationships are sadly very common. Today Forrest and I explore a subset of those relationships with Dr. Rhonda Freeman, who shares her own journey to recovery from a toxic relationship with a malignant narcissist. 

Dr. Freeman is a clinical neuropsychologist. She works with patients diagnosed with neurological conditions, and focuses much of her work on helping people who were involved in toxic or abusive relationships. She is also the founder of Neuroinstincts, and writes for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post, among others.

Some of the topics include:

  • The traits of a “high-functioning” malignant narcissist.
  • The power of a trauma bond, and some of the things we can do to weaken it.
  • How we can support others who are going through these experiences. 

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Connect with the show:


02:13: Differences between sociopathy, narcissism, and psychopathy.

04:48: How do sociopathy and narcissism interact?

08:01: Subtle signs of malignant narcissism.

11:12: What kept you in this type of relationship, despite the warning signals?

15:18: Releasing a trauma bond.

23:30: Helping yourself heal.

33:08: Differences between working with a mild and malignant narcissist.

42:14: A message to your younger self.

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