Being Well Podcast: Radical Compassion with Tara Brach

Being Well Podcast: Radical Compassion with Tara Brach

I was so happy to be joined by Tara Brach on this episode of Being Well. We explored how we can find more compassion and acceptance while maintaining our motivation to change ourselves, and our world, in positive ways.

About Our Guest: Tara is the founder and guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C., and has a doctorate in clinical psychology. She is the author of three books: Radical Acceptance, True Refuge, and most recently Radical Compassion, and leads one of the largest mental-health and Buddhism-focused podcasts in the world.

Key Topics:

2:00: Why “radical?” What does it mean to have “radical compassion?”

6:30: Practical applications of “no self.”

9:00: Maintaining “less self” while also being motivated to change.

10:30: How can we “accept ourselves” while also wanting to change in positive ways?

12:30: What gets in the way of compassion and self-acceptance.

17:15: The “trance” that keeps us away from compassion.

20:00: The RAIN meditation.

26:15: Making it easier to nurture ourselves.

31:15: “After the rain.”

33:00: Can, and should, we find acceptance and compassion for people we disagree with?

40:45: Coming to terms with our participation in systems of oppression.

47:50: Hope during challenging times.

51:30: Recap


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