Being Well Podcast: Overcoming a Depressed Mood

Being Well Podcast: Overcoming a Depressed Mood

Today’s episode is the second part in our exploration of depression and depressed mood. In part one, we covered what depression is, where it comes from, and how it differs from sadness. During this episode, we turn our focus onto some of the tactics and strategies people can use, both in their own mind and out in the world, to help manage a depressed mood.


This includes:

  • The power of mindfulness, and the benefits someone can experience from it.
  • How “taking in the good” can be used by people with depressed mood.
  • The importance of experiences related to worthiness. 
  • Helping loved ones manage their challenges related to depression.

Depression and depressed mood are major problems for many people, and the material we’re going to get into today will be sensitive in nature. If this is sensitive territory for you, please be kind to yourself. Feel free to skip around or turn off the episode altogether.

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 02:50: The causes of depressed mood, and some places where we can intervene to create positive changes.

 05:59: Why it’s so challenging for someone with depressed mood to make psychological changes.

 16:22: Using mindfulness to work with a current episode, or prevent relapse.

 21:52: Other psychological interventions. 

 26:30: Overcoming the lack of motivation that accompanies depressed mood.

 27:43: How do you get out of the depression slump?

 37:37: What can we do to help other people with their depressed mood?

42:40: Recap

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