Being Well Podcast: Nurturing a Lonely Heart

Being Well Podcast: Nurturing a Lonely Heart

Nurturing loneliness image. Sunset at the beach with a heart drawn in the sand.In our previous episode on loneliness, we began our conversation on the subject by defining loneliness, and exploring how we can both be surrounded by other people and still feel lonely. We looked at some of the heritable and non-heritable roots of feeling lonely, and I shared a personal story related to how we can still have plenty of lonely experiences even if we’re not genetically predisposed to it. That episode closed with a conversation on how loneliness can creep into even our most connective, important relationships.

Today we’re moving on to the practical question of what we can do in our lives to overcome experiences of feeling lonely, and deepen our connection to other people. This is covered by Rick’s “three point plan” for overcoming loneliness, which includes:

  • Taking action
  • Cultivating compassion in ourselves
  • Internalizing readily available social supplies

If you’d like to start making real, positive changes to your brain and your life, but you don’t have a lot of extra time, then you may want to check out Rick Hanson’s new program: Just One Minute. Use the code BEINGWELL at checkout for 10% off the purchase price.

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