Being Well Podcast: New Year’s Resolutions

Being Well Podcast: New Year’s Resolutions

As the pages of the calendar turn, it’s natural to reflect and take stock of both where our lives are and where we’d like for them to head in the future. Today’s episode is going to focus on making effective New Year’s Resolutions, and getting the most out of that process!

On this episode, we discuss:

  • A process for setting goals based on love, work, and play.
  • Why it’s important to focus on a finite set of goals.
  • The difference between process and outcome goals.
  • How we can get better at sticking with our resolutions.
  • Setting our sights on big-picture ends and paring them with actionable means.



0:45: Do you make resolutions?

2:30: A process for new resolutions.

4:00: Focused goal setting.

6:10: Good crowds out great.

7:10: Be aware of how setting resolutions makes you feel.

8:30: Pitfalls around resolutions.

12:05: Process vs. outcome.

13:20: Setting goals for love, work, and play.

15:20: The power of little numbers.

19:15: Sticking with resolutions.

21:30: Focusing on what you can control.

23:30: Means and ends.

27:15: Affective forecasting.

29:45: Big picture ends and actionable means.

33:15: Focusing on the present moment.

36:00: Removing negative influences.

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