Being Well Podcast: Minimalism and Success with Matt D’Avella

Being Well Podcast: Minimalism and Success with Matt D’Avella

These days it’s easy for our lives to feel like they’re getting a bit out of control. That’s why we’re so excited to be joined by minimalist, filmmaker, podcaster, fellow coffee lover, and YouTube superstar Matt D’avella.

Matt’s probably best known for directing the Netflix documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, which asks the central question “How might my life be better with less?”

We initially connected with Matt because Dr. Hanson was one of the featured guests on Minimalism, and Matt created a wonderful short video highlighting that segment. We’re also personal fans of his work, and have followed his YouTube channel for some time.

On this episode, Matt and Forrest discuss:

  • Why minimalism has become so popular.
  • How we can redefine success and take back control over our happiness journey.
  • The most important lessons he’s learned from guests on his Ground Up podcast.
  • What it was like to completely unplug from social media.
  • The challenge, and importance, of taking the first step toward distant goals.

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1:00: The power of establishing routines.

5:45: Finding minimalism.

9:45: Redefining success.

11:40: Lifestyle creep and greed.

14:30: Recognizing our needs.

15:50: Finding buffer time.

20:00: Unplugging from social media.

24:20: Why has minimalism become more popular?

27:00: Objections to minimalism.

30:00: Taking the first step, and being a professional.

37:20: “The Fargo Incident.”

43:00: Coping with feelings of failure.

46:30: Starting from zero.

50:00: Recap

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